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Founded in 2006, the Mississippi State University’s Space Cowboys Rocketry Team is a nationally competitive high-powered rocketry team open to all students at MSU. Under the Aerospace Engineering Department, our sub-teams design, build, and launch rockets at the IREC Spaceport America Cup, where we were the 2015 champions.

We host technical workshops, research exciting technologies, and encourage the next generation of rocketeers through community engagement. Our members have the opportunity to gain experience and learn valuable engineering skills through our multidisciplinary team. Check out what we do!

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Current Rocket

This year’s rocket project is called Daedalus. The name is derived from the skilled craftsman in Greek Mythology whose amazing feats of engineering were known throughout the land. We will be competing in the 30k COTS Solid Category at the Spaceport America Cup 2024, where we hope to build on the successes of the past.

Our sub-teams are improving optimization capabilities through stress testing our composite materials, fine-tuning our simulations, and making our nosecone in-house. These techniques will make Daedalus one of the most efficient rockets the MSU Space Cowboys have ever built.

Why Join?

Why should you join the Space Cowboys? Well, there are many reasons why you should! For starters, you get to develop industry connections from many different aerospace companies and learn the in-demand skillsets that these connections are looking for. Along with those skills, you get the opportunity to gain high-powered rocketry certifications for building your rockets. Additionally, you get to serve the Starkville community through our many outreach events. And most importantly, you get to join a great community of fellow space nerds at Mississippi State.

How to join

To join the Space Cowboys, click the join button below. On Cowbell Connect, request to join and you will receive an email from us about the steps to join.

How to donate

To donate to the Space Cowboys, click the donate button below. On the foundations' page, under “search for a fund” type in MSU Space Cowboys. Select your gift amount, and then donate to the team.